Keep Living

20 Aug


It has been A WHILE!  But I thought about you all everyday.  I know there are thousands of other blogs that you have access to and can easily transition to reading outside of mine.  With that…I hope I haven’t lost any of you.  (I see WordPress has changed quite a bit since the last time I was here!)

My 2013 has been really crappy.  We’re already more than halfway through it and things haven’t really looked up that much yet.  I have just accepted that 2013 is not my year.  I guess that goes along with the saying…you can’t win them all…?

Even though I try to be conscious of the things I should or need to be grateful for, sometimes it is still hard to not be upset for the things that are not working out the way I would prefer them to work out.  Like…my Guy having a job!  I am grateful that I have one that is able to hold us down and provide for both of us.  But umm…I want him to have a job too.  It will be 2 years very soon that he has been unemployed.  And truth be told…I am running out of encouraging things to tell him.  I am at the point, I just do not know what to say or how to help him.  Not saying anything works…sometimes.  But then there are times I feel like he needs to hear something encouraging.  After so long…I guess all I have left for him is to be patient.  But that doesn’t go so well either…

Well…I wrote a little somethN somethN this morning.  You know how I do…I let the thoughts just flow and type the words.  Some of it may not make sense to you…but just flow with me.  Read slowly to grasp the pace and flow of the word play.

As always…thanks for reading and reach out if ya want.

I love you, Baby and we WILL make it through this!  Peace.


Rough times

Many days

And it goes too fast

Slow down


But it doesn’t seem to last

Forever grateful


Difficult to show it

Fingers crossed

Toes tucked

But you’d never know it

Push on

Chest out

Hold that head high


Slight decay

But we’ll get by



Two worlds collide


Yet determined

And you still shine

Court orders

Slow money

Too many bills

New shoes

Fast bike

This doesn’t seem real

Ignore the pain

Just smile

Makes ya feel better

When it rains

All we think is


Struggle less

Live free

That’s what we’re after

Every day

Another issue

Writes another chapter

Smoke away the guilt

But no nicotine

6 months free

Nicorette is King

Family drama

Dreading death

But the shit is real

Old age

Bad health

On the knees we kneel

Holdn tight

To the little things

We do have

Close friends kept distant

Pocket Moms, no Dads

Stay true

Live the life you have

But when the truth is unhappy

How you deal with that

Day by day

That’s what the wise say

Cold shoulder

Head turned

It aint easy is what you say

Keep living.


(written by you)

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2 responses to “Keep Living

  1. justdjlove

    August 20, 2013 at 9:25 am

    What was very moving….

    • JustNez

      August 20, 2013 at 12:25 pm

      I know you meant “That” and I’m glad you liked it ;)


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