2014 Intro

Well, well, well…there you are! I can’t believe how long it has actually been since I last logged in to this site AND type something for you all to read…

2013 has come and gone.  Now it is 2014 and we are already 4 months deep!  Almost 5 months…almost halfway…almost.  Okay…I’ll slow it down.  I don’t have much to say at this moment.  Mostly because I do not know where to start!  So I think it may just be easier for me to just…post something until I get back in the habit of sharing my thoughts.  I will be back sooner this time.  For real…

To keep this short and sweet…let me share a quote for the day (or week) until I virtually see you again.  Peace.

I am your constant companion; I am your greatest helper or your heaviest burden.

I will push you onward or drag you down to failure. 

I am at your command.

Half of the tasks that you do you might just as well turn over to me and I will do them quickly and correctly. 

I am easily managed; you must merely be firm with me.

Show me exactly how you want something done. After a few lessons, I will do it automatically. 

I am the servant of all great people and the regret of all failures as well.

Those who are great, I have made great. Those who are failures, I have made failures. 

I am not a machine but I will work with all its precision plus the intelligence of a person. 

Now you may run me for profit or you may run me for ruin. It makes no difference to me.

Take me, train me, be firm with me and I will lay the world at your feet.

I am called ‘habit.’ 

Author Unknown

Inspiration Peak

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Keep Living


It has been A WHILE!  But I thought about you all everyday.  I know there are thousands of other blogs that you have access to and can easily transition to reading outside of mine.  With that…I hope I haven’t lost any of you.  (I see WordPress has changed quite a bit since the last time I was here!)

My 2013 has been really crappy.  We’re already more than halfway through it and things haven’t really looked up that much yet.  I have just accepted that 2013 is not my year.  I guess that goes along with the saying…you can’t win them all…?

Even though I try to be conscious of the things I should or need to be grateful for, sometimes it is still hard to not be upset for the things that are not working out the way I would prefer them to work out.  Like…my Guy having a job!  I am grateful that I have one that is able to hold us down and provide for both of us.  But umm…I want him to have a job too.  It will be 2 years very soon that he has been unemployed.  And truth be told…I am running out of encouraging things to tell him.  I am at the point, I just do not know what to say or how to help him.  Not saying anything works…sometimes.  But then there are times I feel like he needs to hear something encouraging.  After so long…I guess all I have left for him is to be patient.  But that doesn’t go so well either…

Well…I wrote a little somethN somethN this morning.  You know how I do…I let the thoughts just flow and type the words.  Some of it may not make sense to you…but just flow with me.  Read slowly to grasp the pace and flow of the word play.

As always…thanks for reading and reach out if ya want.

I love you, Baby and we WILL make it through this!  Peace.


Rough times

Many days

And it goes too fast

Slow down


But it doesn’t seem to last

Forever grateful


Difficult to show it

Fingers crossed

Toes tucked

But you’d never know it

Push on

Chest out

Hold that head high


Slight decay

But we’ll get by



Two worlds collide


Yet determined

And you still shine

Court orders

Slow money

Too many bills

New shoes

Fast bike

This doesn’t seem real

Ignore the pain

Just smile

Makes ya feel better

When it rains

All we think is


Struggle less

Live free

That’s what we’re after

Every day

Another issue

Writes another chapter

Smoke away the guilt

But no nicotine

6 months free

Nicorette is King

Family drama

Dreading death

But the shit is real

Old age

Bad health

On the knees we kneel

Holdn tight

To the little things

We do have

Close friends kept distant

Pocket Moms, no Dads

Stay true

Live the life you have

But when the truth is unhappy

How you deal with that

Day by day

That’s what the wise say

Cold shoulder

Head turned

It aint easy is what you say

Keep living.


(written by you)

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Secret to Change

The secret of change 
is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, 
but on building the new.

Socrates, 469-399 B.C.
Greek Philosopher

Athens, Greece Street Art – Bleeps

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I am Human

I came across another great quote today that inspired me.

The main thing in life is to not be afraid to be human.

Pablo Casals

Catalan Cellist and Conductor

That seems like a “duh” moment.  It is obvious that I am human.  But it is the elements that go into being human that are so easily overlooked.  The way I summed it up for me was like this:

  • not perfect
  • emotional
  • consciously, actively thinking/reacting
  • vulnerable

Nothing complicated.  But I have created this “type” of person that I am.  When I fall short of being that “type” of person, I am very hard on myself.  But you know what?  I can be whatever type of person I want to be.  I am the type of person that is not perfect!  I am sometimes forgetful.  I don’t want to be the person carrying all of the weight and responsibilities.  I don’t want to be the person that is so responsible that I am afraid to take risk or afraid to ask for help.  I don’t always want to wear a protective shield of armor.  I don’t want to play Dr “let me try to figure you out so we can be coo”l.  I just want to be what comes naturally.  Even if it upsets the balance sometimes…sometimes.

That’s really not an easy task considering that I have been developing or just being this “type” for a long while now.  But…I can be whoever and whatever I want to be, whenever I decide to be that.  Now!

Take that, take that…

Take that. take that

Puffy moment.  Peace.

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Africa is a Continent…not a Country

Not too long ago…

I stopped at Starbucks before class to get some “wake-your-ass-up” fluid.  I usually go through the drive-thru, but I decided to go inside and sit until class started.  I think I may have had a test that day…so I might have been studying.

The Starbucks as down the street from campus, so just a couple of miles away, so of course there were a lot of students in there as well.  I overheard this young Caucasian girl talking to her friend, a young Caucasian man, about their course for the semester.  She mentioned taking a History class and how boring it was.  The young guy couldn’t believe it.  He was proclaiming his interest in history and all of the cool things you learn about and so on.  She did not agree.  However, she started to tell him about the most interesting thing she had learned so far in that class.  “The Africans sold their own people.”

When she said it, she spoke the words with great pride.  It sounded as if she was given a sense of relief that Africans did it to themselves, so…there…it’s their own fault!  She kept talking in this way that I just cannot describe because at this point I was upset.

Here is the back-drop.  I am in a newly developed rural area in Georgia.  Just a week or so ago, not too far from this location there, there was a cross-burning in a young Black couples front yard.  Yes…just a couple of weeks ago.  So umm…just take a step back and think about what type of environment this is and the possibilities of the type of people who reside in this area.  Should I be surprised at this conversation?  No.  I expect this type of talk and thinking, but not out loud!  It’s 2013.  But, I needed to remind myself of the reality around me.

So…as I sit there sipping my double-expresso, shaking in outrage, and trembling from the anticipation of what I am about to do next…I speak my words.  I am usually very polite.  There was no, “Excuse me” in this move.  There was no subtleties.  Only truth-speaking here.  “That is not true!”  “Even if it was true, our people had no idea what was in store and did not trade us under the conditions they were told.”

The young Caucasian guy, “That’s true.”  As she rolls her eyes at me and begins to mumble something, I decide to turn away and drop it right there before I get lynched in 2013 for speaking out loud to a young Caucasian girl.  To not be dramatic, I stayed and finished my coffee.  I ignored any further words that came out of her little polluted mouth.  I couldn’t focus though.  I was ready to leave.  I had so much adrenaline pumping through me I could have run to campus and not even have been tired.  But I sat there.  Appearing calm, until I finished my coffee.

There is a podcast called, ‘A Forgotten History: The Slave Trade and Slavery in New England’ on iTunes that I listen to and watch.  I want to share i with the world.  The one that directly relates to this conversation is called, ‘Did African slave traders enslave their own people?

Mis-education and His-story have crippled Black people beyond measure.  Black people everywhere.  But specifically here in the United States.  EVEN TODAY!  We just want be treated fairly.  Some of us want to assimilate, some don’t.  We want to just be.  We have proven time and time again, that we are more than they sold us to be.  We are strong, intelligent, innovate, creative, sensitive, compassionate, loving people.  The list can continue.  We can blend.  We do blend.  We do belong.  People…we should never forget.  Keep your history true to yourself.  Some of us are still in environments where we have to be a little more conscious than others   We have to remember exactly who we are, where we are, and where we came from.  It is important to maintain perspective.  Some of you are clueless.  Ignorance is SOMETIMES bliss…and I hope the rest of your life remains that way so that you never have to endure the dual consciousness that most Black people (and I am sure other ethnicities go through this to some degree also) have to maintain (W.E. B. DuBois).  It’s hard, it’s aggravating and annoying, it’s tiring…it’s extra.  I hate it.  But it’s real for me.  And I have to keep it in perspective so when I encounter situations that are not making sense to me or that do not seem fair…I can re-analyze from my other level of consciousness and settle the thought.

Check out this Podcast and the rest in the series.  Read more!  Information is out there, ready and available to you…most of it for free.

Downside…if you are reading this in WordPress…the link does not work…sorry.  You will have to take the time to get the Podcast on your own, if you are truly interested.

If you are reading this in Facebook…the link should work.



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Some Inspiration

Hello Friends, Family, and Distant Observers!

I am getting close to the end of school.  My last day is tomorrow, Tuesday.  I take my last final…well…it’s not really a final, but more of an assessment for the entire program.  They want to know what all we have retrained.  Not so sure they should have included me in this assessment! lol  Who knows.  Maybe I will remember more than I think once I see the information.

My point in telling you that I was getting close to the end i because I will begin to shift my focus back on my Blogging and drawing.  I have not shared any of my drawing with you…but I will.  I took an art class at CalState L.A. that totally help my with the basics of art.  I created things that I did not know I could do!  I saved EVERY project I completed…except for one that I gave away to my dear Taiwanese friend ;)  She knows who she is!  And obviously she is the only friend I have in Taiwan.  Anyway…the rest of the pictures I have.  As soon as I can I will take a picture of them to share.

So yeah…blogging will be back on deck…full force.  As usual I have so much to share…but you know that I do not like to back-track.  We will just keep it moving in a forward progression.  So…hang in there with me!

Here is a little inspiration for the day.  Enjoy.  Peace.

The secret of change 
is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, 
but on building the new.

Socrates, 469-399 B.C.
Greek Philosopher

This last one intrigued me because I never really thought about courage and the role it plays in my life.  So I found this message rather interesting.

You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous.
You cannot be loving if you are not courageous.
You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous.
You cannot enter into reality if you are not courageous.
Hence courage comes first.
And everything else follows.

Osho, 1931-1990
Indian Mystic and Philosopher


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Saints Row the Third

So…what have I been doing with my free-time lately?  Playing the most ignorant game that I have ever purchased…EVER.

But I cannot stop playing it!  It is so much fun to play…I just can’t believe it.  I need to admit something else.  This is not the first time I have played Saints Row…I played Saints Row II.  Dammit!  I liked that one too…

I have put myself out there to be judged…so go ahead…  I have traded my Final Fantasy addiction for finishing Saints Row.  Why?  My excuse… because it’s easier!  And uncomfortably fun.

But hey…it’s a game, right???  RIGHT!!!!  It’s just a game!!!!

Okay.  It’s cool.  It’s all good.  We are still friends.

And I am still going to go home and play…


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